Unrealized return on investment (ROI)

Please note: ROI dashboard is only available to Level 2 users.

  1. What is ROI for?
    • ROI helps you assess the relations between market price, the average cost of holdings, and positions. The value and the percentage of ROI help you assess trading decisions or reflect the portfolio performance that you could share with your friends or teams. Please note, ROI serves as an indicator for reference only. Your positions and balances are the ultimate sources of profit/loss information.
  2. How is the unrealized return on investment (ROI) calculated?
    • The average cost is subject to change whenever purchases or deposits occur.
      • The average cost =
        • = [(beginning average cost * beginning crypto balance) + [current price of the crypto in TWD * (newly purchased or deposited crypto amount - crypto amount charged as trading fee)] / [updated crypto ending balance].
    • ROI calculation of each coin:
      • Unrealized ROI = total market value - total cost
      • Unrealized ROI (%) = [total market value - total cost] / total cost * 100%
    • Aggregated unrealized ROI
      • Unrealized ROI = sum of unrealized ROI of all crypto on MAX
      • Unrealized ROI (%) = sum of unrealized ROI of all crypto on MAX divided by the total cost of all crypto * 100%
      • The total cost of all crypto = sum of cost recorded on each crypto
      • The market value of crypto = sum of (market value of a coin * coin balance) 
    • If your currency preference is USD, we will convert the ROI to USD for you.
  3. How is the ROI of crypto-crypto pairs calculated?
    • MAX converts the cost of position obtained from non-TWD markets to TWD for calculations.
    • Taking a buy order in BTC/USDT as an example, the cost is about the market price of BTC/TWD.
    • For a sell order in BTC/USDT, which means selling BTC to acquire USDT, the cost is about the market price of USDT/TWD.
  4. How does converting/withdrawing crypto affect my ROI?
    • The average cost and ROI (%) of your crypto holdings remain the same so long as the balance is > 0. 
  5. Does ROI factor in the trading fees? 
    • MAX incorporates trading fees for ROI calculations. 
  6. How can I verify the accuracy of the ROI?
    • You may export a CSV file of your account histories on MAX. The file includes the market data for ROI calculations. 
    • To export CSV files, please go to “Profile” > “All History” > select the applicable history > “Export”.
  7. How does MAX calculate the ROI of delisted coins?
    • MAX will exclude delisted coins from ROI calculations as trading of the delisted crypto is ceased on the exchange.
  8. Disclaimer:
    • You acknowledge and agree that ROI information provided by MAX is solely for your reference.  You shall cautiously consider your actual needs to make assessments when you purchase cryptocurrency and make a related decision (including but not limited to investment, financial or tax-related decisions). You shall assume the risk of your behavior and shall hold MAX harmless from any liability, damage, indemnification, or loss.

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