2024/06/24 Bankee Trading Account

Dear MAX user,

Bankee Trading Account allows for more flexible fund management. Note that actual credit times may vary due to verification or processing requirements.

Go to the MAX App and navigate to "Profile > Account Setting > Bank Account Verification". Select "Open Bankee Account".

You can set the MAX deposit account as a designated transfer-in account either at a branch or online.

  • At the Branch: Visit a Far Eastern International Bank branch to complete the setup.
  • Online: If you have a Citizen Digital Certificate, you can set up the designated account online. Follow these steps:
    • Complete the designated account setup according to Bankee’s instructions. You need to apply online for a designated transfer-to-other account and complete the Citizen Digital Certificate verification and video verification.
    • When setting up the designated account, select your Bankee Trading Account as the transfer-out account. For the transfer-in account, use bank code 805 (Far Eastern International Bank) and your MAX deposit account number.

For more information, please visit the Bankee FAQ.

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