2021/08/05 MAX Withdrawal fee and minimum withdrawal adjustment notice

Dear MAX user,

Effective August 6th, 2021 12pm, the following coins’ withdrawal fees will be adjusted as below:

  • SAND: 30 per transaction
  • LINK: 0.7 per transaction
  • COMP: 0.04 per transaction

The following coins’ minimum withdrawals will be adjusted as below:   

  • SAND: minimum 60
  • LINK: minimum 1.4
  • COMP: minimum 0.08

The following coins’ minimum order will be adjusted as below:   

  • SAND: minimum 15
  • LINK: minimum 0.4
  • DOT: minimum 0.5

Please be advised that withdrawal fees and order limits are subject to market conditions such as asset prices and miner fees on chain. Therefore, adjustments will be made dynamically and updated on fees and limits page with no further notice going forward.

The withdrawal fee will be deducted from the amount you withdraw after this upgrade.

The actual withdrawal amount will be shown on the page as below, please double check before you make the withdrawal.

Thank you for your support,

MAX Digital Asset Exchange

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