2020/07/01 BTC, LTC Fund Addresses had updated.

Dear MAX users,

To provide a safer trading environment, MAX previously updated your receiving/deposit address for BTC and LTC to a new address. If you have not updated the app version after 4/20, please update it as soon as possible to obtain a new address, or you can contact customer service through the following channel:
Customer Support Phone: 02-2722-1314
Email: info@maicoin.com

Please update the APP to the latest version and log back into your account again to see the new address. If you tied your old addresses to mining pools or other exchanges, please update them immediately.
The original addresses will no longer be accessible on MAX and will be completely terminated after August 1, 2020.
Please note that any transfers to the old addresses will be at risk of permanent loss.

Thank you

MAX Digital Asset Exchange

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