2020/03/06 MAX Account Level Policy Notice

Dear Customers,

This is an important announcement for MAX users.
The changes as specified here will not affect your ability to trade or withdraw. You can safely deposit, trade and withdraw on MAX.

- If your current account level is Lv1 or Lv2, your new account level will be Lv1.  Your limit per transaction will be 15,000 USDT equivalent value and your daily withdrawal limit will increase to 150,000 USDT equivalent value.
- If current account level is Lv3, your new account level will be Lv2.

To simplify and enhance user experience, MAX will implement a new account level system as of March 2020.
The new account level and the corresponding user access to each level is as specified below:

LevelAvailable Features and LimitsVerification Requirements
Lv1Available Features:
  • Coin Fund
  • Coin Withdraw (With Google Authenticator or SMS Verification Set Up)
  • API Key
  • Crypto-to-Crypto Trading
  • MAX Token Staking (With Google Authenticator or SMS Verification Set Up)

Withdraw Limits:
  • Per Tx Limit: value equivalents to 15,000 USDT
  • Daily Limit: value equivalents to 150,000 USDT

Lv2Available Features:
  • Including all Lv1 Features
  • TWD Fund / Withdraw / Trading

Daily Withdraw Limits:
  • Coin: value equivalents to 150,000 USDT
  • Fiat: value equivalents to 2,000,000 TWD

Taiwan phone number
Profile Verification
Taiwan Identity Verification
Bank Account Verification

Thank you

MAX Exchange Team

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