2019/11/15 terminate trading reward program and MAX tokens will be burnt.

Dear MAX users,

MAX Token just celebrated its first anniversary! We continuously strive to improve MAX token utility and its adoption in the community.

Over the past year, more than 50 million MAX tokens were rewarded to our users through our transaction mining rewards.  

We believe that a sufficient amount of MAX tokens have been distributed through the mining rewards and will be discontinuing this mechanism to reduce new issuance. The remaining 90 million MAX tokens that was allocated for mining will be burned, which will reduce the total supply of MAX tokens. Information on the burn will be made public very soon. In addition, we will be removing the Transaction Mining Reward starting 14:00 pm on November 27. 

Meanwhile, the staking reward is not affected. Up to 30% of the trading fees from the platform will still be used to purchase MAX Token in the open market and airdropped to holders. Holders can increase a powerful incentive by staking tokens.

We believe that reducing the total circulating supply will bring about a positive effect for the whole MAX token community, and more use cases can be expected from our continuous innovation commitment. 

Thank you for your support and encouragement along the way.

MAX Digital Asset Exchange

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