Are there any fees to withdrawal and fund assets?

MAX won’t take any fees when you deposit ,  please check the following link of withdraw fees.

Withdrawal fee on TWD trading pair

  • 0.3% of the withdrawal amount will be charged as handling fee. The minimum handling fee is TWD$10.
  • Round up to the nearest TWD.
  • Discount will be applied if using MAX Tokens as payment.
  • Invoices will be issued on TWD trades.
  • Minimum withdrawal size is TWD$100.

Withdrawal fees discount

  • Users need to enable this feature on the “ Preference Page” first.
  • When MAX tokens are used to pay for withdrawal fees, a 20% discount will be applied, and the equivalent amount of MAX tokens will be charged. (ex. The fee is TWD$10. After 20% discount, the fee will be TWD$8 , which is equivalent of 3.2 MAX tokens. ) 
  • If your account balance of MAX tokens is insufficient to pay for the withdrawal fees, we will charge the original amount without any discount.

Please visit our page at for more information.

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