2022/2/15 New withdrawal interface is now supported on MaiCoin.

Dear MaiCoin Users,

To further our service quality, we have now revamped our withdrawal flow to scale with the increasing demand for cross-chain withdrawals.

To add new addresses to your contact, please select the corresponding protocol to the address input. Only addresses with a valid protocol selected will be added to the address book successfully. For instance, if you’ve input a TRC20-USDT address, you need to select “TRC-20” under “Protocol”. “Protocol” should be left empty only if you are adding an email to your contact.

To update to the latest version on MaiCoin App, please visit “Profile” > “About” and tap “UPDATE NOW”.

Detailed instructions of this update are as follows:

  • Adding a new contact.
  • Image from iOS.png
  • Select the valid protocol to the address input. No selection is required if the receiving destination is an email.
  • Image from iOS.png
  • Confirm to add.
  • Image from iOS.png
  • Proceed to withdraw and pass 2FA in the following steps.
  • Image from iOS (1).png

Image from iOS.png

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