2019/09/24 New Trading Page and Removal Trading Pairs

MAX users,

Please note the following changes :
  • 1. MAX will launch a new version of the trading page on 2019/09/24, with the following new features:
  • (1) New user-friendly chart using TradingView.
  • (2) Favorites list to add trading pairs that you trade more often which also syncs with our App.
  • (3) New ordering features to fill in order quantity based on percentage of assets
  • (4) "My order" feature to see your orders in the market 
  • (5) Day and Night mode 
  • 2. We keep a constant watch on all tokens and coins that are being traded on MAX. If a coin or a token     doesn't meet our performance, reliability, or liquidity standards, it will be delisted from our exchange. To protect your rights and assets, the delisting process will be implemented in such a way as to ensure transparency. The following changes will be made on 2019/10/14 at 12:00 PM UTC+8 :
  • (1) Remove all OMG / ZRX / BAT / KNC / GNT / SEELE / CCCX / TRX / EOS trading pairs
  • (2) Remove all ETH, BTC, MAX markets, except :
  • a. ETH/BTC
  • b. BTC/TWD
  • c. ETH/TWD
  • d. MAX/TWD
  • e. BTC/USDT
  • f. ETH/USDT
  • g. MAX/USDT
  • (3) Add FMF/USDT pair
MAX will continue to support withdrawals of delisted coins until 2019/11/13 12:00 PM , If you own any of the delisted coins on MAX, please withdraw them during the withdrawal period at the latest.


MAX Digital Asset Exchange

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