MAX Exchange Announcement

MAX VIP launch and referral reward adjustment announcement

The MAX VIP fee discount will officially launch on September 1st! At the same time, we will also be  adjusting the affiliate commission at 15:00 on September 1st. Affiliate commissions will be adjusted from the 70% to 50% for affiliates that stake over 5,000 MAX tokens.  For affiliates that stake less than 5,000 tokens, the trading commission will be adjusted from 35% to 20%. The 20% discount on transaction fees for a 6 month period for referrals remains unchanged.

TWD INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNT Withdrawal Limit Adjustment

Starting from August 13, 2020, MAX TWD individual account withdrawal limitation will be adjusted as below:

* Maximum daily withdrawal limit (24-hour basis) : NT$1 million

* Maximum monthly withdrawal limit: NT$10,000,000

MAX has updated the addresses.

MAX has updated the addresses for the following cryptocurrencies:


If you have tied the original address to mining pools or other exchanges, please update them immediately. The original addresses will be completely terminated after February 21, 2020.

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