How are the rewards distributed?

The MAX Exchange’s fee income is classified into two parts.

  • 80% is for MAX Token buyback in the market.

  • 20% is the revenue of MAX Exchange.

First part:

The distribution of the 80% of our fees received.

  • 40% is distributed for Maker.

  • 10% is distributed for Taker.

  • 30% is distributed for Holder and Staker.

For example, The fee income is 100 USDT, 80 USDT is used to buy back MAX Token. If 1 USDT is equal to 1 MAX Token.

  • 40 MAX Tokens reward for Maker. 

  • 10 MAX Tokens reward for Taker. 

  • 30 MAX Tokens reward for Holder and Staker. 

Second part:

The 20% of fees received will be used for MAX Token buyback and burned. This will continue until 80% of MAX tokens are burned. Therefore, only 100 million MAX Tokens will be in circulation permanently. 

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