What are the fees for trading on MAX?

Trading fees on TWD trading pair

  • Trading Fees: 
    • Maker fee - 0.05% of total transaction amount will be charged.
    • Taker fee -  0.15% of total transaction amount will be charged.
  • Round up to the nearest TWD. Minimum is TWD$1.
  • Discount will be applied if using MAX Tokens as payment.
  • Invoices will be issued on TWD trades.
  • Minimum order size is TWD$250.
Trading fees discount
  • Users need to enable this feature on the “Preference Page” first.
  • When MAX tokens are used to pay for trading fees, a 50% discount will be applied, and the equivalent amount of MAX tokens will be charged. (ex. The fee is TWD$20. After 50% discount, the fee will be TWD$10, which is equivalent of 4 MAX tokens.) 
  • If your account balance of MAX tokens is insufficient to pay for the trading fees, we will charge the original amount without any discount.
  • For those trades that MAX tokens are paid for the trading fees, only trading rewards will be given ( no mining rewards).

Please visit https://max.maicoin.com/docs/fees?lang=en for more details on fees.

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